Brexit Impact on Immigration:

Changes in Immigration Policies Post-Brexit:
The seismic event of Brexit has reverberated through the corridors of immigration
policies, prompting significant changes that demand meticulous attention. As London
immigration lawyers, we specialize in interpreting and communicating these changes
to our clients.

Post-Brexit, the UK has embraced a points-based immigration system, emphasizing
skills and qualifications. The cessation of free movement between the UK and the
EU has necessitated a reevaluation of migration strategies. Our role is pivotal in
assisting clients in adapting to the new framework, ensuring compliance, and
optimizing their immigration prospects in a post-Brexit era.

Implications for EU and Non-EU Nationals:
Brexit’s ramifications extend to both EU and non-EU nationals seeking to reside in
the UK. Our London immigration lawyers play a crucial role in clarifying the rights
and responsibilities of individuals within this transformed landscape. For EU
nationals, considerations of settled status and pre-settled status are paramount,
requiring adept navigation.

Non-EU nationals also face adjustments as the UK’s post-Brexit immigration policies
impact the global community. We provide essential guidance on visa requirements,
eligibility criteria, and the broader implications of Brexit on our clients’ immigration
prospects. Our expertise ensures our clients traverse the changed terrain with

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